Photo-shoots – 2

Our photo-shoots are casual and very relaxed sessions and certainly most enjoyable for us to photograph and we believe they are for our clients too. We normally take around an hour photographing.

Customers who make a booking with us for a full day or more of wedding photography are offered the photo-shoot with our compliments. Usually a photo-shoot is the first time we would be photographing our wedding clients. A good time spent together at this session is important as we get chance to exchange views, ideas and also build a mutual trust which helps when photographing the forthcoming events.

Every face is unique and has its own character and every face is photogenic. What makes a good photographic portrait is not easy to define. This is where a photographer’s skill comes in play. Certainly, good ideas, composition, lighting and perfect timing to capture a right moment helps in many ways.

Photographs can be technically good looking but capturing contrived expressions do not do justice and we try and avoid such shots. When we view a portrait, it is quite natural for our attention to get drawn to the eyes of the subject first. We look at the eyes first and eyes tell a lot. Eyes reflect inner feelings. True feelings are what we aim to capture in a portrait.

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